In the News: U.S. Senate candidate visits Franklin County

Photo by Alison James | Franklin County Times

Originally published in the Franklin County Times.

As the Aug. 15 special election for U.S. senator fast approaches, candidates are making their final efforts to meet the people and spread their campaign messages. One candidate made a visit to Franklin County this week to reach voters locally.

Trip Pittman, who was born in Birmingham and hails from Baldwin County, visited Franklin as part of his trip across Northwest Alabama Monday, making stops at Russellville City Hall, the Franklin County Courthouse and Red Bay’s Tiffin Motorhomes to share his vision and seek the vote.

“People expect their elected officials to get things accomplished. That’s what I’ve done in Montgomery, and that’s what I will do in Washington,” said Pittman, who was first elected as a state senator in 2007. He said he is running on his reputation as a businessman – differentiating himself from the lawyers and lobbyists in politics. “We haven’t, in 110 years, elected someone who is a businessman … It’s all about jobs and opportunities … I really believe strongly in free enterprise. We can debate the priorities of government, but we all need to understand the bigger the pie, the better it is for everyone. The rising tide lifts all boats.”

Other Republican candidates, as listed by, include Luther Strange, Mo Brooks, Roy Moore, Bryan Peeples, Mary Maxwell, Randy Brinson, Joseph Breault and James Beretta. Democratic candidates include Will Boyd, Vann Caldwell, Jason Fisher, Michael Hansen, Doug Jones, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Nana Tchienkou.

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