Campaign Points


I believe teamwork is more important for our city now than ever before. First and foremost, the Mayor and Council Members must work together as a TEAM for the people and our city. This spirit of teamwork must be incorporated into every department and by every employee of the city. From the Mayor to the Department Heads to the part time employees, we must all keep in mind that we work for the people of Russellville.


I will be honest, ethical, and trustworthy in all of my actions. I will be responsible to the citizens of Russellville, I will follow through with commitments and take responsibility for my actions. I will consider every decision with much thought and prayer and will do what is best for the citizens of Russellville.


Good paying jobs will continue to be a top priority. We have worked hard to announce over 900 new jobs in the City of Russellville during the past 4 years. I will continue to work with existing businesses to keep and create even more jobs. I will continue to work every day with our Industrial Development Boards in recruiting new jobs to our city for our people. It is my desire for my daughter, Kate, who will be a sixth grader at Russellville Middle School, to be able to find a great job opportunity in Russellville when she finishes school.


We must continue to provide for our school children; they are our future. We have a great school system and I plan on working with Mr. Grimes in any way possible to keep our system strong for our kids. My daughter, Kate, is a sixth grader at Russellville Middle School and my wife, Melissa, is the Art Instructor at RHS. I am a 1990 graduate of RHS and I will always be committed to Russellville City Schools.


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